Fabric Energy 1st

This development was for a total of 73 dwellings, a mixture of houses and flats for social, shared and the private sector. Eastleigh Borough Councils policy  requires all new dwellings achieve a 19% improvement over PART L 1 A 2013 building regulations.
Working along side the architect Kenn Scaddon Associates and main contractor Drew Smith it was decided that a fabric energy 1st approach would be adopted rather than installing large amounts of PV onto the roofs.

  • External walls 0.19
  • Floors 150mm insulation
  • Roof 0.09
  • Dormers 0.27
  • Windows 1.3
  • Doors 1
  • Air perms 4.5
  • Sloping ceilings 0.18
  • DMEV – Greenwood Unity CV2VIP
  • High efficiency gas boilers with radiators zoned heating controls and weather compensators

Those magnificent men in the traveling machine.

First sightings of Shaun, John and Mark as Stigs on their epic adventure across the UK. More news to come on these daring men and their dependable old banger. Other competitors also preparing for the journey.


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Thermal and Acoustics sponsored the Christchurch Carnival.

'This is our way of saying thank you for all the support we have received over the years, working in Christchurch with the local businesses.'
Shaun De La Rue - Managing Director of Thermal and Acoustics Solutions

CPD presentation by NUDURA UK


Thermal and Acoustics Solutions held a presentation on Insulating Concrete Formwork by NUDURA.


Jean Marc Bouvier heads the UK arm of Nudura, a Canadian-based business that sells its ‘lego’ style, folding ICF blocks. Jean Marc Bouvier gave an insight to a new, fresh approach to building. Jean Marc Bouvier started his presentation by saying 'Insulating Concrete Formwork from NUDURA provide design professionals, architects, home owners and contractors a more efficient way to build. Building with Insulating Concrete Formwork allow homes and commercial buildings to be built stronger, more energy efficient, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. Insulating Concrete Formwork provides greater energy solutions for any structure.' Jean Marc Bouvier went on to say that NUDURA was fireproof, bomb proof, hurricane proof and water proof.

In a recent interview with Homebuilder Magazine. Jean Marc Bouvier stated.

“The Green Building Council has stated that the UK’s housing stock is among the least energy efficient in Europe, and is responsible for nearly a quarter of our annual carbon emissions. Yet we are the slowest market in the world to pick up on the benefits of ICF.

Why we keep on building with cavity walls when ICF is just way superior, I do not know; they are quick and easy to construct and the finished standard is much higher. You don’t get problems with damp penetration or mould, you get fabulous airtightness levels built in and whatever insulation level you require is easily accommodated. All with a much thinner wall thickness.”


More information is available on http://www.nuduraicfs.co.uk/

The Principles and Design of Marley Eternit Rainscreen Facades

CPD Seminar hosted by Thermal and Acoustics Solutions Ltd and Home Style Fascias and Cladding Ltd and Presented by Marley Eternit. More information here

CPD Certified Presentation by Dan Anson-Hart from Actis

ACTIS launches the Hybrid range of products. A range of innovative insulation products that are tested to international harmonised standards both under laboratory and real conditions of use; providing you with the confidence that the designed thermal expectations can be actually achieved. ( Presentation images courtesy of Actis )

Actis has been designed to help you select the best possible insulation solution for your project. Simply select the type of project and add products from the Hybrid range until you reach your required U-Value. Click Start your Simulator below or view the full presentation here. ADDRESSING THE PERFORMANCE GAP

Thermal Acoustics Rugby Evening - England vs Fiji. 18th Sept.

Sponsored by

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)


Thermal Acoustics can now offer a CIBSE accredited Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme lead assessor service. More information here







We are pleased to announce that Andy Hall is now fully qualified to offer Breeam Domestic Refurbishing assessments in addition to all the other Breeam services we currently offer.

More information here

Presentation on Heat Pumps - 20th October 2014


Rob Martin from Daikin UK Ltd gave a very informative talk at our offices on the 20th October. The presentation was based on air source heat pumps. You can download all the information on Air Source Heat Pumps from their website. www.daikin.co.uk.

Rob Martin (Daikin UK Ltd) and Shaun De La Rue

Summer Pickering (Anders Roberts Cheer Architects Ltd) and Fiona Pickering

Martin Bell (STA UK Ltd) and Mark Cook (MC Plan and Site Services Ltd)

David Richards and Jess Benson (David Richards Practice Ltd)

Launch of our New Offices - No. 6 The Saxon Centre

Well over 50 people came to the Launch of our New Office on the 10th December. As a result of our business expanding we have moved to a bigger offices. Sponsors on the night were Daiken, Xtratherm and David Richards Practice.

Got a difficult-to-insulate roof?

22nd Sept 2014
Mark Brooks - Project Manager for TLX presented a very informative talk on roof insulation. Mark outlined the advantages of using TLX Gold or TLX Silver when access is not ideal through the loft. We are hoping to have a copy of his talk soon and will post it here for anyone to download.



Peter Schonwald from Lionel Gregory Architects


L:R.. Dan Corcoran  from HH Drew’s, Shaun De La Rue and  Nick Manley from HH Drew’s

L:R.. Mark Ruckwood (MPR Projects), Kemal Azzedin (Loch & Quay), Ed Finch (Bradford building Supplies) and  Luke Burwood (Velfac Windows)

Thermal & Acoustic Solutions Monthly Seminar

Presentation on Part L 1a Building Regulations and the impact Xtratherm can have. 5th August 2014.

Martin Randall from Xtratherm presented a very interesting slide presentation on Part L 1A of the building regulations. Xtratherm provides the construction industry with a range of innovative insulation solutions to meet the more stringent requirements of the Building Regulations and develops solutions for Low and Zero Carbon building fabric.
We are hoping to get a copy of this presentation for you to download, we will post it on this page and on our Facebook page.


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